Google Android on Atom? ARM baby!

A while ago I wrote about how Intel's Atom is badly positioned against ARM-based CPUs. It seemed I was wrong, as in the following months Atom took the netbook market by storm. ASUS released the Eee-PC (in fact I am writing this article on one) and dozens of similiar models followed by other makers.

The missing piece for ARM-based netbooks was a good software story. That changed now. Asus announced Android-based versions of its Atom notebooks. Yes, on Atom -- but it is Android. Android runs on ARM. Android comes with internet and multimedia applications, and has industry support. This is big.

Android + ARM CPUs vs. WinXP + Intel are a huge cost saving for system integrators. Also for the lower power consumption it makes perfect sense.

Even the mainstream media picked up the idea, and I think this really is the tipping point. There are big times to come for Qualcomm, Freescale, and NVIDIA Tegra, and bad ones for Microsoft.

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