Introducing 7yuv - YUV Viewer and Raw Graphics Editor

It has been some time, since I last updated about the Datahammer Editor. After some months pause due to other projects, development is now back to speed.

Things are coming along quite well, as you may see in below screenshot. We decided to release a graphics and hex editor first, and enable text editing later. You can download it here. The graphics editor/viewer will go by the name "7yuv", because it turned out to be really helpful as raw YUV viewer for video codec development. Hopefully it will be useful to other video engineers, too.

The biggest change is that we migrated the underlying UI framework to QT4, which now has a license option for closed source projects. Previously we have been using our custom cross-platform UI framework, which was much more light-weight but also more cumbersome. The switch to QT dramatically increased productivity, and the UI is prettier, too. On the downside the editor's executable size grew from 200 kB single file to 400 kB plus 10 MB for QT DLLs. We are still undecided which is better, but thanks to proper abstraction we can switch back the UI framework anytime.

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