KC85-LAND back online

KC85-LAND - our KC85/4 retro computing project - is back online!

The little site fell through the planks after our old .info domain expired, but now it is back under its new home: http://kc85.datahammer.de/.

The site design is still the same nifty piece of self-contained one-page Javascript. It features a KC85 file database, completely embedded in the HTML. I still have tape-loads of KC85/4 programs lying around on my hard drive, I need to find the time to upload them.

For those who don't know -- the KC85 is an 8-bit Z80-based home computer made in East Germany. The state-owned company behind it - VEB Mikroelektronik Mühlhausen - produced over 200.000 units of this machine, enough to supply 1% of the population. The KC85 was also deeply embedded in the East German education system, with schools and freetime centers offering free programming courses for children. I would say the KC85 laid the foundation for an entire generation of skilled German IT workforce. There are not many KC85 related sites on the internet, so KC85-LAND is our contribution to honor these roots.


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