7yuv 2.0 released

A major update to Datahammer 7yuv Image Viewer and Hex Editor is out today. All image rendering was migrated from CPU-based software rendering to OpenGL. The largest advantage is the possibility to zoom in and out of the images. This was long overdue with the increased image sizes in recent time.

In our testing on different PC hardware, scrolling and zooming is overall faster than before. However changing image dimensions and formats is much slower, because internally it requires to download new textures to the graphics card. Depending on your OpenGL driver this may be very slow, so we kept the original CPU-rendering engine as a fall-back option in the application settings. Overall we think it is a good tradeoff.

New in 7yuv 2.0 (2014-04-14)

* Json-format config files
* OpenGL HW rendering
* Scaling in graphics mode
* RGB channel filtering
* Color schemes for graphics mode
* YUV411 support
* RGBA raw palette format support
* "Screen copy" for text modes (render to text buffer) 
Download Windows or Linux versions at http://datahammer.de/7yuv_downloads.html

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