7yuv 2.4 released

A minor update to Datahammer 7yuv YUV and Raw-Bayer Image Viewer has been released. We also added the 64-bit Linux build which had been missing for the last few releases.

New in 7yuv V2.4 (2014-05-02)

* Add big-endian support for RGBA, BGRA, AYUV 32-bit
* Fix color mapping for signed YUV formats


Anonymous said...

Norton report the 7yuvsetup-2.4.exe has WS.Reputation.1?

Horst Miller said...

It may be a false alarm with your virus checker. I checked the MD5 of the installer on our server, and it matches with the archived version when it was built: MD5 (7yuvSetup-2.4.exe) = 22fadf5a70aa8b06094ec9e4c1561d88

We also have our installers scanned with many 3rd-party shareware distribution sites, and never got a hit.